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We Service Marathon Electric Heaters for Winnipeg Homeowners

Rheem Marathon electric water heaters for your Winnipeg home feature a high-efficiency design with a lightweight tank that won’t corrode. It is the most durable electric water heater ever made and ideally suited for well water installations. The absence of an anode rod ensures that the presence of a potential “rotten egg smell” is virtually eliminated. The water heater itself is manufactured using a seamless blow molded polybutylene tank with a filament wound fibreglass outer tank, therefore rusting is a non-issue. This allows Rheem Marathon to warranty their water heaters for as long as you own your home*. 

Visit the Rheem website to view Marathon products. Call City Wide Water Heater Service to schedule servicing or installation.

*See warranty information brochure on Rheem Marathon website for complete warranty information.

Water Heater Services 7 Days a Week

No extra charges for evenings, weekends, or even holidays!

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